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FAQ: Advising Related Questions

A: Ask the student for their "Print Advising Report," which is available through the student's My Progress portal. The Print Advising Report provides basic information about the student's major, including GPA, as well as a list of courses with grades. Additionally, entrance exam scores are given in this report.

A: Students typically should choose the degree requirements that were in effect for the academic term when they first entered KU. Students should generate a DPR through MyKU to view their requirements. The College has a time limit policy that addresses how/if degree requirements may change if a student goes beyond the maximum ten years to complete their undergraduate work.

A: There are several holds that students may see on their accounts.  Here is a brief description of academic holds:

ADV-Welcome Advising Hold – First semester advising hold.  All students in their first semester should meet with their assigned academic advisor before enrolling for the next semester. 

PRB – College Academic Notice or Probation Hold – Students who are on notice or on probation receive this hold and should meet with their assigned academic advisor to create an action plan and have the hold removed.

A: Students can log in to Jayhawk GPS to view their assigned academic advisor. You can also contact Lindsey Deaver (

A: Online versions are available at the Curriculum tab for each degree. Students should refer to their DPR in MyKU, as degree requirements may vary depending on the semester they began at KU.

A: KU's Lawrence campus pre-medical advisors maintain an extensive pre-medical advising website for various pre-health professions. There are links within the various pages for required and recommended courses. You can also refer the student to their assigned academic advisor.

A: Use Admissions’ transfer credit website to view how courses will transfer from an institution to KU. Contact Lindsey Deaver (, and/or refer students to contact her, if a course is not listed. 

Please be aware that community college courses cannot transfer as Jr/Sr hours, even if they might satisfy a particular Jr/Sr course requirement.

A: Yes, faculty may substitute courses within the "General Science Requirements" and major course sections (e.g., "Biochemistry Course Requirements") for all majors. KU Core courses may not be substituted except through the student's submitting a petition to the KU Core curriculum committee. Please also contact their assigned academic advisor to have the substitution updated in the DPR to prevent any issues arising at graduation. Our advising team would like the substitution process to be open and transparent. Please keep this in mind as you consider substitutions. Contact the Undergraduate Biology Program co-directors if you have any questions. 

A: Students need both a KU (not including transfer credit) GPA and a Major Jr/Sr Hour GPA greater than or equal to 2.00. The Degree Progress Report (DPR)'s final two sections provide both these GPAs. Courses contributing to the Major Jr/Sr Hour GPA would be courses numbered 300 or above not included in the KU Core or General Science Requirements sections of that particular major (see our degree requirement check sheets or the DPR). The courses included in this GPA calculation vary across our majors.

A: Our students may choose to take up to one course each semester Credit/No Credit as long as it is not classified as a major course. Courses that are designated as major courses vary with the particular major. If you refer to one of our biology degree requirement checksheets, or to the Degree Progress Report (DPR), you'll see the broad classifications of KU Core and General Science Requirements. These two areas do not contain courses that are classified as major courses.

FAQ: Teaching related questions

A: KU IT provides a variety of resources to help you with these questions:  

A: Student Information Systems - Faculty Center

A: You can change a student's grade online through your Enroll & Pay Grade Roster up to a year after the course.  (Online Change of Grade). After one year has passed, a paper Change of Grade Form is needed (please contact Dyan Morgan (

A: You may select "I" in your course Grade Roster through Enroll & Pay. Grade Roster Incomplete (PDF)  No additional paperwork is necessary to assign an "I". Please see the policy below and note that after one year, "I"s lapse to "F"s or to the grade you specify as the default when originally assigning an "I," and changing the lapsed grade requires a petition process that involves both the student and you.

Policy on incompletes from the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences policies.

A: Students are not to re-enroll in a course in which they are receiving an "I." Arrangements need to be made with the current instructor and the future instructor regarding Blackboard, being on the second semester's roster, etc.

A: Please contact Angela Gere ( to generate permission for students whom you’ve determined are eligible for your course. Please contact Lindsey Deaver ( if you need any evaluation done to determine whether a student is eligible for your class.

A: For information on using technology in the classroom (e.g., "clickers," Blackboard, etc.), see Instructional Development and Support (IDS).

For strategies and support for teaching, see the Center for Teaching Excellence.

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