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Spring 2020 Biology Advising Update

Dear Biology Student,

We hope that the information below will help you plan for and participate in enrollment advising for the Spring 2020 semester. First, we’d like to introduce our advising team:

Lindsey Deaver, Associate Director of the Undergraduate Biology Program
Erin Kelley-Garrison, Academic Advisor in the College Advising and Student Services (CASS) office
Michael Rieger, Academic Advisor in the College Advising and Student Services (CASS) office
Lauren Spain, Academic Advisor in the Undergraduate Biology Program

If interested in meeting with an advisor, Biology majors should schedule their advising appointments through Jayhawk GPS. Click the link and log in on the right side, and then select Academic Advising → General Advising → Enrollment/Holds → College Academic Student Services. Select "Enrollment/Holds" for the appointment type, as we unfortunately cannot schedule 1-hour appointments to create graduation plans during main advising, to ensure that we can accommodate everyone who'd like to meet. If you are assigned to a CASS Advisor (Erin or Michael), you may call 785-864-3500 to schedule. If you are assigned to an advisor in the Undergraduate Biology Program (Lauren or Lindsey), you may call (785) 864-4301 to schedule.

To create/review a graduation plan, please use your DPR and the degree plans found at https://kuub.ku.edu/babs. As previously mentioned, advisors will not be able to review graduation plans before Spring 2020 enrollment. We will be able to review graduation plans in the future, but this will likely not be until after Thanksgiving Break or early in the Spring 2020 semester.

Also note that if you don't see any availability during the week, please check the next week as advisors may be booked out 1-2 weeks. If possible, try to schedule your appointment at least 2 weeks before your enrollment date, if not earlier. If you do not yet have an assigned biology advisor, contact Lauren Spain at lspain@ku.edu with your available times and days to schedule an appointment. We look forward to meeting you!

Enroll and Pay Updates

  • Enroll and Pay will be performing updates from Friday, October 4th at 5 AM through Monday, October 7th at 7:00 AM during which time the system will not be available. If you try to login, the system will indicate that you have a password error.
  • After the updates through October 7th, the Enroll & Pay system will have noticeable changes for student users. Please refer to  http://sis.ku.edu/enroll-pay-how-tos for how to perform tasks after the updates.

Biology Course Updates

  • BIOL 424. Students with 3 credit hours of Biol 424 will fulfill Goal 6 and may request a waiver for Biol 599. Please contact your assigned advisor to discuss the possibility of this substitution.
  • BIOL 638 Biochemistry II has recently changed prerequisites. A C or higher in both Biol 636 and Chem 335 is needed to be eligible for this course. Additionally, BIOL 638 is now a 4 credit hour course and BIOL 639 (Biochemistry II Lab) is 3 credit hours.
  • BIOL 408 Physiology of Organisms is no longer being offered. Students with BIOL 408 as a major requirement should enroll in BIOL 544 Comparative Animal Physiology (fall only; renumbered from BIOL 644).
  • BIOL 416 Cell Structure and Function is offered both in the fall and spring semesters on the Lawrence campus. It will continue to be offered at the Edwards campus in the spring semester as well.
  • BIOL 600 Intro to Biochemistry is offered both in the fall and spring semesters on the Lawrence campus. It will continue to be offered at the Edwards campus in fall, spring and summer semesters as well.
  • BIOL 600 and 513 conflict - BIOL 600 and BIOL 513 on the Lawrence campus are offered at conflicting times this spring semester and likely in future spring semesters. Please plan to take these classes in separate semesters to avoid this conflict. BIOL 513 is offered spring only. BIOL 600 is offered every fall and spring at the Lawrence campus, and fall, spring and summer at the Edwards campus. If you are graduating in May and need both of these courses on the Lawrence campus this semester, please reach out to Lindsey Deaver at ldeaver@ku.edu.


Human Biology Majors 

  • ANTH 345 requirement for Human Biology. Students who need ANTH 345 for the Human Biology major may substitute ANTH 304, 309, 340, or BIOL 412 (spring only). Your DPR will not recognize this substitution, so please email your biology advisor to request this substitution to be updated on the DPR. Note: If you wish to take ANTH 304, you may need to add yourself to the waitlist. ANTH 304 is an online course and there are typically seats reserved in this class for students completing degree entirely online.
  • Human Biology Major Course Offerings.  Some course options under certain categories are no longer being offered in other departments, such as Applied Behavioral Science, Psychology, and Anthropology.  If you have any difficulty finding courses to satisfy a certain category, please schedule an appointment with your biology advisor to discuss possible substitutions.

Microbiology Majors

  • BIOL 600 or both BIOL 636 AND 638. Previously, BIOL 636 and BIOL 638 were required for the BS Microbiology degree. This past year, the department voted to change the requirement to give students the option of taking either BIOL 600 or both BIOL 636 AND BIOL 638. Due to the various levels of approval for changing degree requirements, this change goes into effect for students entering KU in Fall 2020. Although this change officially goes into effect for students beginning in Fall 2020, we'd like to also offer these options to current BS Microbiology majors. To clarify, you now have the option to complete either BIOL 600 OR both BIOL 636 AND BIOL 638. Your DPR will be updated during the fall semester to reflect this change.  We'd also like to clarify that if you decide to take BIOL 636, you will also need BIOL 638 or BIOL 600. BIOL 636 alone will not fulfill the biochemistry requirement.
    • Please contact your advisor if you plan on taking BIOL 600 instead of BIOL 636 and BIOL 638.
  • Chem 336 no longer required. The department also voted to remove CHEM 336, Organic Chemistry II Lab, from the BS Microbiology requirements. As above, this change officially goes into effect for students entering Fall 2020. However, we will waive CHEM 336 for all current BS Microbiology students. If you have not taken this course, you are no longer required to for your degree. Your DPR will be updated during the fall semester to show this waiver. CHEM 335, Organic Chemistry II lecture, is still a requirement for the BS Microbiology degree.
    • Please contact your advisor if you choose not to take CHEM 336.

Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology (MCDB) Majors

  • BIOL 405/426 Substitution. For the BIOL 405/426 requirement in the MCDB major, students may now take BIOL 545 Evolution of Development to satisfy this requirement. This is a Fall only course. Please email your academic advisor if you plan to make this substitution.

Fall 2019 & Spring 2020 Graduation Candidates

  • Fall 2019: Apply for Fall 2019 graduation now by going to Enroll & Pay à Degree Progress and Graduation. Every student must apply through Enroll & Pay to graduate. The final deadline to apply for Fall 2019 graduation is November 1st.  You will receive more information in October regarding the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences fall recognition ceremony. The ceremony will take place on December 15th from 2 – 3:30 PM in the Lied Center. Additionally, if you are graduating in the Fall semester, you will be eligible to participate in the Undergraduate Biology graduation ceremony, which will take place in May 2020. You will receive more information about this ceremony in the Spring semester.
  • Spring 2020: Apply for Spring 2020 graduation now by going to Enroll & Pay à Degree Progress and Graduation. Every student must apply through Enroll & Pay to graduate. The final deadline to apply is March 2nd but we strongly encourage you to apply by November 22nd to have your spring enrollment and graduation requirements reviewed before the spring semester begins in case any changes need to be made.

Departmental Honors in Biology

Seniors intending to graduate Spring or Summer 2020 with departmental honors should enroll in BIOL 699 and submit a departmental honors intent form to Angela Gere in 2045 Haworth by January 20th.

Sophomores and juniors who are interested in research and intend to complete the departmental honors requirements should enroll in BIOL 499. Honors requirements include an independent research project, an honors thesis, an oral presentation, a 3.25 overall GPA, and a 3.5 major GPA. For more information, contact Dr. Kirsten Jensen at jensen@ku.edu.

General Enrollment Information for all Majors

  • Permission numbers.   Please contact the instructor if you see “Inst Req” listed for a course and would like to request permission to enroll; normally this contact would be through email. 
    • Permission for BIOL 426 Lab in Cell Biology: contact Lauren Spain (lspain@ku.edu) and indicate your major and when you’re planning to graduate.
  • Grade-based prerequisites.  We have grade-based prerequisites for BIOL 152 Principles of Organismal Biology and BIOL 350 Principles of Genetics; a grade of C- or higher is required in these courses’ prerequisites. BIOL 638 Biochemistry II (offered Spring only) requires a grade of C or higher in both BIOL 636 and CHEM 335. Search for these courses at https://classes.ku.edu for details. The chemistry department also uses grade-based prerequisites for some of their courses.
  • Prerequisites.  Read course descriptions to learn what the prerequisites are for courses at classes.ku.edu.  Also see http://www.kuub.ku.edu/courses to find out in which semester certain biology courses are offered.  
  • Current (and past) degree requirements and sample 4-yr plans.  Go to http://www.kuub.ku.edu/degrees.  We recommend using these in addition to your DPR.
  • Courses in high demand.  Some BIOL courses are in high demand and fill quickly. Be sure to enroll as soon as you’re able. If you have any holds that you don’t foresee being lifted in time for enrollment (for example, financial aid holds), contact the course instructor to see if you could request that a seat be saved for you. Some Spring 2020 courses in high demand are BIOL 241 Human Anatomy Lab, BIOL 247 Human Physiology Lab, BIOL 426 Cell Biology Lab, BIOL 506 Bacterial Infectious Diseases, BIOL 513 Virology lab, BIOL 540 General Invertebrate Zoology, BIOL 547 Mammalian Physiology lab, BIOL 560 Histology, BIOL 599 Senior Seminar, and BIOL 639 Advanced Biochemistry lab, BIOL 650 Advanced Neurobiology.
  • Enrollment dates. In MyKU →  Academics → My Progress, you can find your enrollment date. Click on the Progress tab to generate a current Degree Progress Report (DPR). Spring 2020 courses are now visible on https://classes.ku.edu and through Enroll & Pay (in Enroll & Pay, be sure not to have the box checked that searches only for open, non-full classes). 


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